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American Whiskey Academy

The American Whiskey Academy was founded to promote the American Whiskey Culture in Europe.

The purposes of the Association are the promotion of an international way of thinking and of an international understanding, the promotion of education and upbringing, the promotion of science and research and the promotion of art and culture.

These objectives will be pursued through:

The development of contacts and exchange of experiences between European and American citizens and other groups of people. To this end the Academy will organize lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, forums, talks and publications which will deal with questions including but not limited to transatlantic cooperation in promoting the American Whiskey Culture in Europe;

Supporting and sponsoring of cultural, political and commercial projects designed to promote and further develop the understanding of the American Whiskey Culture in Europe;

Awarding scholarships or providing other assistance in order to promote educational, study and research projects and other projects beneficial to the association's objectives;

Promoting and organizing international exchanges, in particular between representatives, sponsors and supporters of the American Whiskey Culture;

Close cooperation and networking with other organizations and associations.

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